First meeting of the project team – EDUCIRC2022

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The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, within the IDENTITIES program (Program_Identities_Konacna-rang-lista), approve financing for implementation of Educons University project „Circular economy as a model of development that forms a new identity of the Republic of Serbia“ (March 2023 – March 2025).

The main objective of the project is to assess the capacity of the domestic economy for the transition to circularity, which will provide the starting points for the formation of a new identity of the Serbian economy, with an emphasis on agriculture and rural development. The specific objectives of the project include the assessment of the position of women, young people and the acceptance of digital technologies in the countryside.

The results of the project will be presented over 3 monographs, 4 scientific papers, 2 round tables, 3 workshops in rural areas, guest appearances in the media and at the final conference.


Members of the project team:

Prof. Mirjana Radovanovic, Project Manager

Prof. Vilmoš Tot

Assoc.Prof. Diona Đurđević

Assoc.Prof. Andrea Andrejević Panić

Assoc.Prof. Jelena Ješić

Assoc.Prof. Gordana Racić

Asst.Prof. Simonida Vukadinović

Assistant Zorana Zdravković

Assistant Zoran Brljak

Assistant Igor Vukelić


On 08.03 2023, the first meeting of the project team was held, where a detailed Work Plan was defined.