Educons University in Sremska Kamenica, founded in 2008, is a dynamic higher education institution that follows and adopts scientific and educational trends, and currently there are seven faculties and two associate member faculties in its composition.

In recent years, Educons University has been successfully developing significant changes in the study concept related to the method of knowledge transfer in the teaching-scientific field. The so-called BLENDED LEARNING teaching concept has outgrown the traditional teaching system (repetitive study matrix) that professors and students are used to. Instead, the new study matrix implies interactive conversations and exchange of knowledge through discussions of students in groups with professors (who now become correctors of the flow of thoughts and conclusions of students regarding the thematization of certain problems), during and outside of classes, with the additional use of all technological facilities ( tablet computer, ipad, laptop computer, etc.)

Another important innovation within the new study model at Educons University is the tendency to transform the University into a FOUNDATION status, i.e. funded institutions (a reputable model of such functioning was established at Stanford University, USA). This is about the entry of the University into the process of the so-called PROJECT STUDY, which implies a fundamentally new level of connection with companies and the formulation of the relationship between the founder (company) and the foundation (University), which is, after all, an essential support for the student’s life interest in finding a good and secure job, but at the same time a mechanism that drives his motive for studying. Study programs are now synchronized with the real business needs of companies, with a lot of practice, and they, again, determine the specific number of students they want to hire in a timely manner.

The third crucial innovation related to the University is the establishment of the EDUCONS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS, which, through exceptional investments, offers a high level of student standards and is the first example of its kind when it comes to private higher education in the Western Balkans region. Namely, from the school year 2015/2016. In 2008, the University also includes a modernly equipped student dormitory, and from September of the same year, the construction of the campus will continue with the addition of a sports hall, which will finally realize a healthy concept of studying, characteristic of the West: I study – live – do sports.

The mission of Educons University is to provide a functional synthesis of traditional and innovative education, enabling its students to acquire applicable knowledge and degrees for the new era, which is characterized by a global and multidisciplinary approach to social processes. In students, we develop creativity and independence in work, the ability for entrepreneurial, innovative thinking, a new approach to problems and a research spirit. With our vision, we want to contribute to the overall transformation of society by continuously innovating in the educational process, research, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The vision  of the future of Educons University is based on the fact that societies in the region of Southeast and Eastern Europe are undergoing changes, a process of reform and transition towards a civil, democratic society based on the rule of law and a market economy dominated by private ownership. We hope that you will place your trust in us in the current social moment, respecting, above all, academic freedom, the pursuit of educational and overall excellence, social responsibility and transparency as our basic values.

Knowledge is power! Education gives you the opportunity to choose a job, while otherwise, the job chooses you!