Promotion of the project in Rekovac


On 23.11.2023. as part of the Third Workshop entitled “Circular economy as a model of development of agriculture of the Republic of Serbia”, the promotion of the EDUCIRC2022 project was carried in  Rekovac, village in Serbia. There is an Agricultural Veterinary School in Rekovac, where, in accordance with a long-standing tradition, meetings are held for Agricultural Extension and  Professional Services from the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture from Belgrade. Bearing in mind the goals of the project, it was necessary to discuss the capacity of Serbian agriculture for circularity with the representatives of the aforementioned services, because they work in the field and have valuable knowledge about the situation in rural areas. Communication with direct agricultural producers was also of particular benefit. During the promotion, participants were introduced to the basic reasons for the implementation of this project, its goals and outcomes, as well as the importance and potential that the introduction of the circular economy concept has on life in rural areas. The Workshop was covered in the media by Agro television and Television Agro Jug.

Report from Agro television can be viewed at the following link:


Report from  Television Agro Jug can be viewed at the following link: