Zorana Zdravković, MSc

Earned a master’s degree in economics at the Educons University in 2013. Area of interest: economic theory, development economics, and project financial management.

Zoran Brljak, MSc

Obtained the title of Master of Economic at the University of Educons in 2016. Field of interest: marketing, entrepreneurship with the basics of microeconomics, with an orientation to agriculture and rural development.

Prof. Diona Đurđević, PhD

Doctor of Science in Management. Area of expertise: Marketing (modern marketing strategies and their market application in order to achieve competitiveness, branding, non-profit marketing).

Simonida Vukadinović, PhD

She has been employed at Educons University since 2008, besides to teaching practice, she was engaged first as a young researcher in the field of economic sciences, and then as a research associate, on projects of the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research […]

Igor Vukelić, PhD

Since 2017, he has been working as a teaching assistant at Educons University, where he gained valuable skills in scientific research, publishing scientific papers, and participating in scientific projects as a young research fellow. His area of expertise is in biology, with a specific focus on plant-microbe interactions. He finished his PhD degree in biology […]

Prof. Jelena Ješić, PhD

From the year 2007, working as a teaching assistant at Educons University, she also gained her first professional skills in scientific research, publishing scientific papers and involvement with scientific projects as a young research fellow, in the field of economics, with specific focus on knowledge-based economy, academic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial university, etc. She finished her PhD […]

Prof. Andrea Andrejević Panić, PhD

Actively publishes scientific publications and participates in the implementation of scientific projects. Basic areas of research: macroeconomics and economic development, development economics, sustainable development, and international finance.

Prof. Gordana Racić, PhD

Doctor of Biochemical Sciences. Area of expertise: Biotechnology in agriculture, application of molecular methods in agriculture, sustainable agriculture, remediation and reclamation of the environment polluted by metals. Data analysis and interpretation of results.

Prof. Vilmoš Tot, PhD

He earned his doctorate in 2007 from the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad. Throughout his 25-year career, he taught at all university levels. Through study and application in the fields of management, strategic management, knowledge management, intellectual capital, organization, and human resource management, he accomplished scientific and professional work. Based […]

Prof. Mirjana Radovanović, PhD

She holds PhD in Environmental Engineering (University of Novi Sad, 2004). Area of expertise: Sustainable development, policy analysis, indicators of sustainable development, quantification. Energy, environment, decarbonization, Net Zero 2050. Application, analysis of existing and development of new methodologies for assessment of sustainability, energy, and environmental policies. Development of decision making tools (by using artificial inteligence). […]