Project promotion at Council of directors of the Faculty of Ecological Agriculture

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In the educational center of the Educons University, in Vrdnik, the Council of Directors of the Faculty of Ecological Agriculture was held. Companies that are leaders in the field of agriculture and Educons University are dedicated to projects that promote the transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills, creating long-term partnerships and employment opportunities for students. Inspiring innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in overcoming both business and academic challenges through the development of new approaches in teaching,  teaching and student practice. The continuous cooperation between Educons University and companies helps to jointly develop curricula that are practically oriented and meet the needs of students, the labor market and society as a whole. Also, students acquire relevant and practical skills and acquire new ways of thinking that are necessary for the modern job market.

Assoc.Prof. Andrea Andrejević Panić,  Asst.Prof.Simonida Vukadinović, Assoc.Prof. Jelena Ješić  and Assoc.Prof. Gordana Racić presented the EDUCIRC20222 project, and colleagues from the Companies showed exceptional interest in the topic of the project and supported the implementation of the principles of circular economy for which Educons University advocates.