Promotion of the project and agreement on the realization of project activities – “Prota Stevan Nenadović” elementary school

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Promotion of the project and agreement on the realization of project activities (survey of residents of the Čumić and surrounding villages, and organization of the First Workshop).

The project envisages, among other things, the survey among people in rural areas and the organization of three workshops.

In order to get a more realistic picture of the situation in rural areas, it was decided to hold a workshop in a village that has positive indicators when it comes to economic activity, quality of life and demographic indicators. The village of Čumić in the municipality of Kragujevac is a village in which agriculture is highly developed (primarily fruit and flower production), with a good social position of the locals.


Residents of the village actively participate in development, invest intensively in the progress of their household and the village, with special emphasis on environmental protection and education.

More information about the village of Čumić at:


The conversation was held with Mr. Aleksandar Jovanović, director of the “Prota Stevan Nenadović” elementary school. The interview was conducted by Prof. Mirjana Radovanović, project manager.

It has been agreed that during the summer months a survey will be carried out in the village and its surroundings, and that in mid-September 2023, the first workshop as part of the project will be held in the premises of the elementary school in the village of Čumić, which will include the presentation of the project to the teaching staff and residents of the village of Čumić and its surroundings, as well as special workshops with women and school children.