Promotion within the EU project BetterLife, Sremska Kamenica


Promotion of the project for young researchers within the EU project BetterLife, workshop on “Socially oriented success: mentoring program for the advancement of young scientists”

In addition to teaching staff from Educons University, the event was also attended by representatives of the governmental and non-governmental sectors, representatives of the wider academic community, as well as young researchers (master’s and doctoral students). The event was attended by members of the project team: Prof. Mirjana Radovanović, Assoc.Prof. Gordana Racić, Assoc.Prof. Jelena Ješić, Asst.Prof. Simonida Vukadinović, Assoc.Prof. Andrea Andrejević Panić and Asst.Prof. Igor Vukelić.

During the workshop, members of the project team took an active part in the sessions and discussions, with an emphasis on familiarizing the audience with the importance of the circular economy, and they especially talked with young researchers. The project team considers it advisable that the concept of circular economy be studied to a greater extent in master’s and doctoral studies, and proposals for changes and improvements have been made in this regard.

The EDUCIRC2022 project was presented by Prof. Mirjana Radovanović, who then answered the questions of those present about project activities and cooperation opportunities.