Published fourth scientific paper in open access journal of category M22


From 02.01.2024, the fourth scientific article published in a journal from the SCI list entitled “Waste to energy as a driver towards a sustainable and circular energy future for the Balkan countries” is available in open access format. The concept and content of this article were prepared in in accordance with the project activities, and primarily with the goals included in Work Package 3. Inadequate waste management and the consumption of fossil fuels (and above all coal) for the production of electricity are a major source of pollution and a significant obstacle to the more efficient introduction of a circular economy in the region, which is precisely based on more efficient use of resources and reducing the amount of waste. The scientific article contributes to solving this problem by analyzing waste management, pointing to main challenges, and presenting possible solutions by applying a concept based on the use of organic waste to obtain electricity, which is adapted to the specificities of the Republic of Serbia, especially in rural areas. The paper is available at: