Published second scientific paper in open access journal of category M22


From December 16, 2023, a scientific article entitled “International relations challenges and sustainable development in developing countries after 2022: conceptualization of the risk assessment model” is available online, which was prepared in accordance with the project tasks, and above all with Work Package 1 (defining trends, changes and challenges in the global economy that arose as a result of the pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis). The original scientific article shows the basic challenges faced by the sustainable development of Europe after the pandemic, especially in the course of complex geopolitical events and changes in international relations after 2022. Namely, the decarbonization of Europe by 2050 is a strategic commitment of the European Union (with the inclusion of the candidate countries; therefore also the Republic of Serbia), whereby the circular economy is seen as the main driver of changes in the European economy. The paper analyzes the risks that are already affecting the dynamics of the transition to circularity, with predictions and proposals for risk management in this area. The article was published in open access format, in the journal category M22: