Sixth meeting of project team members – EDUCIRC2022


The sixth meeting of project team members was held on 19.09.2023. in the premises of the Educons University library. At this meeting, a report was submitted on correspondence and activities with the Science Fund, as well as reports on: activities related to the project website and Linkedin profile, promotion of the project on RTV Vojvodina, promotion of the project in Budapest and promotion of the project at the workshop “Paths to gender equality” : the G20’s role in the spotlight”, organized by the Stockholm Environment Institute, as well as information on the promotional printed material produced so far and on its further production. Information was provided on the planned workshops, followed by a report on the status of planned publications (papers on the SCI list and monographs), as well as a report on the state of the questionnaire and activities on further surveying respondents, and information on the basic financial activities and responsibilities of the head of work packages for the preparation of the report.