Promotion of the project in the meeting “Rural youth participation in policymaking” in the organization of EU Rural Pact


The main goal is to consider EU policies for young people from rural areas, as well as the challenges that young people face today and in the future. Namely, young people are considered to be the bearers of the green transition and the development of rural areas as a whole, and it is certainly necessary that the adoption of policies in that area is carried out with their active participation. Representatives of the European Union, as well as organizations dealing with youth, spoke about the mentioned topics, and projects from the mentioned area were also presented.

The main conclusion of all participants is that young people from rural areas throughout the European Union are not sufficiently involved in the process of making policies and decisions, both in the household where they live and beyond. The main problems affecting the aforementioned are the generation gap and ownership of land, as well as underdeveloped or non-existent ways of communication between young people from rural areas with the local community and competent ministries. It is certainly necessary to find a way to motivate young people from rural areas, and to develop clear mechanisms through which the views of young people will be heard and considered by decision makers, with the necessary feedback and transparency.

Practice has shown that the most effective bearer of activities for the motivation and activism of young people from rural areas is the local community, and that the most effective way of working is the mentoring approach, i.e. an approach aligned with the specifics of each individual village, with adequate application of digital technologies.

In front of the project team, the event was attended and actively participated by prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovanović, who presented the project, the basic results of the field research and indicated the attitudes of young people from rural areas of the Republic of Serbia when it comes to their participation in the process of making policies and decisions. In accordance with the essence and issues of the event, knowledge and new information will be used in the preparation of Work Package 3, and especially the outcomes of the project related to the improvement of the position of young people in rural areas.

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